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Chantal would like to inspire you is to ask “What do I really desire to create in my life?  What would it take?

Life took her on different roads, all leading to sharing how to embrace potential and possibilities.  As a child and teenager she lived in Africa, an experience that has definitely broaden her experience and understanding of humanity. Professionally, she started in a very rational position in accounting, then took a break to be with her young children for a while, embracing fully the emotional world created by motherhood.  Needing to be back in the rational workforce, she took a position as a French Monitor, juggling emotions and logic with teenagers and kids, helping them polish their French skills.

Meanwhile Chantal became aware of the world of possibilities human beings can create for themselves by deciding to take charge of their life.  Understanding how to alter her results through the application of the teachings of Bob Proctor and other great teachers, her life has changed at an incredible speed.

Now a LifeSuccess Consultant she is an associate of Bob Proctor and she shares this knowledge through group coaching, private coaching, seminars and workshop. Her goal is to empower you and help you realize your heart’s desires.

Chantal enjoys life, friends, good food, presenting inspirational material, coaching sessions, snowboarding, hiking, walking, and the native spiritual journey she is on.

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