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The Gift of Blessings Received by Text

Hey Chantal May the warm winds of the sky blow softly upon ur home May the great spirit bless all who enter there May ur feet make happy tracks in many hearts and minds And may the rainbow always touch you in your heart. May the sun bring you energy by day May the moon […]

11 septembre 2015 Vendredi soir… premier vendredi soir de cette nouvelle vie. Vie de Chantal. Pas la vie de la mère de… ou la femme de… juste la vie de Chantal. Un peu perdue, je ne sais pas trop quoi être. Un malaise d’identité. Moi qui refuse les étiquettes et les limites, je suis perdue […]

Feeling lost = Coming home to myself?

Tonight, after a couple of hours of overtime, I feel exhausted and I feel lost. I don’t recognize me. And I wonder what makes me believe that I have changed. Am I trying to fool myself and the world? I feel the hunch to reach for Christiane Northrup’s book – The Wisdom of Menopause. As […]

My first sweat lodge ceremony

Feeling welcomed and seen is how I felt during my first sweat lodge ceremony. I had the pleasure of being surrounded by men. Once more. And to be totally honored for being a sister, a woman, a mother. Wow. The sweat lodge ceremony itself was very humbling. The complete darkness, the heat, the presence of […]

When my partner can’t accept…

When my partner, a friend, a colleague, my father can’t accept even a simple compliment I give him, as a simple sign of appreciation, I feel like my appreciation is not valued or appreciated. If my partner can’t receive the attention I give her by doing things for her, making time to spend with him, […]

Life as a revolution

Reading this quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo: “Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution.” I started to ponder what it could mean. Not everyone chooses evolution. In fact many people are content with life as it is, which means that they are stagnating. Stagnation is the […]

From the depths of change

Have you ever had to make a TOUGH decision? Tough because all options have good logical reasons. And the more you go over the reasons, the more they seem to have validity? All summer I’ve been in the limbo about taking over a rather new HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) company. My dilemma came from […]

Being His Support System and Advocate

Tonight, I’m getting us (my husband and I) ready for his visit to his doctor.  He doesn’t get many appointments with him and he is still not followed by any therapist for his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  So, I’m trying to maximize the time we will have in the doctor’s office. After listening to […]

My Love for Speed

As we are getting on the tarmac and the engines of the plane start winding up, I feel  excitement. I love when we take off, my body being pushed in the seat because of the pressure created by the high speed.  I have a big smile on my face. I love when the plane turns.  […]


My dear friend Jacques sent me this text he had just discovered, and my heart jumped.  I had read those words before.  In fact many times. My mom had decided that it was good meditation material for that special time spent in the bathroom, and had framed it when I was a teenager. As they […]