Tong Ren Therapy

I have discovered Tong Ren Therapy last month at a free session given by Kathy Wilson from Healing Nexus based in Toronto, here in the Fredericton region.   I fell in love with this healing modality:  it’s easy, it’s quick, it’s efficient, it’s fun, and you’re not touching the person.  It can even be done over the phone.

What is it? You are working with energy or chi by activating certain points, according to the health issue of the person, on the meridians on a acupuncture doll.  The doll is the client’s surrogate.  Everything being energy in this universe, the power of an intention or a thought is demonstrated with this tool.  The client sometimes feel the energy being unblocked, or just becomes relax and warm.  I tried with different persons, most of them skeptics, and 80% of them felt something while I was doing it, and felt better afterwards.  Pretty good!  I even tried on the phone with my brother and at one point he asked if I was tapping on “his“ neck because he could feel something and I was!  Cool!

The gentleman at the origin of this therapy,Tom Tam is an acupuncturist who discovered this “by accident“ an evening he didn’t have any clean needles and a friend needed relief for her sciatic nerve.  Joking he drew a stick person on a sheet of paper and stuck needles in it, and 5 minutes after she started feeling a difference.  He then started trying this method and since has adopted it because he can help more people at once.  People with very critical illnesses and conditions such as cancer are being treated with Tong Ren and get amazing results.

I think it’s worth a try.