When my partner can’t accept…

When my partner, a friend, a colleague, my father can’t accept even a simple compliment I give him, as a simple sign of appreciation, I feel like my appreciation is not valued or appreciated. If my partner can’t receive the attention I give her by doing things for her, making time to spend with him, […]

Receiving – Easy or Hard?

The past few weeks I have been on the lookout for signs on the Law of Receiving.  In a previous post I gave a bit of background on this Law, information that I learned in The 11 forgotten Laws and Raymond Holliwell’s book Working with the Law. When you start being aware of something, it’s […]

The Joy of Receiving

Today I went to the mailbox and I had a surprise:  a package from Amazon.ca.  I started searching in mind to remember if I had ordered anything last week.  No.  Then it must be a surprise!!!  I was very impatient to open it, just like a kid at Christmas.  I parked the car and opened […]