Your body and its messages

Today I was trying to get someone to understand that his knee problem he has been dragging on for over 6 months probably means more than just a sore knee.  And he was virulently refusing to hear what I was saying because it would mean he had to look within for the cause.

I have known for many years that when I have a physical symptom it’s a message.  Nothing happens by accident or coincidence, there is always an explanation.  Humans operate on 3 levels at the same time: Spirit, Mind and Body.  When we refuse to listen to our Spirit or to our Mind, which makes us aware of what’s going on through our emotions or thoughts, and the message is important and should be heard, we then start having signs in the physical world and they keep getting closer to us until they become a part of us, by being inside of us.

A few books have been written on the subject and I have 2, in french.  I love them because they offer an “in-sight“ to what my body is trying to tell me, since I wasn’t paying attention to my mind or my spirit.

For this person’s knee problem, I went to check in ’Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et des maladies’ by Jacques Martel and here is what it said briefly:  the knees represent my degree of flexibility, persistence and indecision. And then, depending what part of the knee is touched, the explanation as to the meaning varies.  I know in the case of this person that he is facing a decision regarding his retirement. He doesn’t know if he really wants to retire full-time, part-time, when and how he should do it, etc…  He is at this crossroad and it’s not easy…  Obviously his body is not finding it easy either…

I believe that listening to our body and its message allows us to live a fuller, brighter and healthier life. Try it, you will be convinced!

I found 2 books in english on Amazon that could be helpful:

Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise Hay

Healing Happens with Your Help by Carol Ritberger

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