The Joy of Receiving

Today I went to the mailbox and I had a surprise:  a package from  I started searching in mind to remember if I had ordered anything last week.  No.  Then it must be a surprise!!!  I was very impatient to open it, just like a kid at Christmas.  I parked the car and opened it right then and there.  I couldn’t wait to be inside, even though it was raining outside.  And it was the movie “What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole” and a book giving more details on the subjects covered in the movie.


I have been thinking about that movie for a few weeks now, wishing I would have it.  I have made a presentation at Toastmasters on Neuroplasticity and I was wishing I would have had the movie to show the audience the formation of connections in the brain and the way they stop connecting when we stop being involved with a certain kind of situation.  Although it’s been over 3 years I have seen it, many parts of it come up in my mind when I’m trying to explain a concept, just like when I was trying to give a visual to my audience about the neurons connecting.  And, here it is…  I’m so grateful!

As I sat down to write this post, I started thinking about the Universal Laws and which ones were in action right now in my life.  The first one I thought of was the Law of Receiving, then the Law of Gratitude, and the Law of Attraction.

Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction with the movie “The Secret”, and I wish there would be more awareness created about the other Universal Laws, or Laws of Nature as they are sometimes called.  I have gained soooo much from studying them.  It gave me a deeper understanding of life and a sense of peacefulness.  I’m not done studying them,  I don’t think it’s possible to be, since every circumstance, every event brings a new perspective on at least one of them.

The Law of Receiving explains the process behind the receiving.  To be receiving you have first been giving, in a thoughtful and intelligent manner, then you have been taking action to make sure that you will be ready to receive gratefully when your highest good is ready to materialize in your life.  And what are you to give?  You are to give gladly of yourself, your interest, energy, thought, ability, love, appreciation and helpfulness.  You are to organize your life to be able to make a full and proper use of your talents and energies, to make sure you are providing a good foundation to build upon or receive your good.

If we take the example of the gardener that prepares the ground in prevision of harvesting some goods in the fall, once she plants her seed is she done?  No. If she doesn’t tend to her garden, pretty soon it will be invaded by weeds and the plant will not have enough space and light to grow.  She needs to use intelligently her energy and talent to make sure everything will be in place for a bountiful harvest.

Would you say it’s the same for many situations in our lives?  The relationships with our soulmate, kids, friends, collegues, boss; our career, our physical body, our health, our property, etc…  When we think about it,  if we give all aspect of our life the best of our abilities and energy, it make sense that we will be receiving more from life in general.

Am I still giving the best of me in this friendship?  Definitely.  And that’s probably why I received this gift from an amazing friend.

Thank you Jacques!

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